Tuesday, May 29, 2012

News AND another FUNdraiser giveaway of an Ipad3

Boy do I have news! Exciting, fun, and oh so good news!

On Monday last week I got a phone call. It's the kind of call that a waiting family like ours dreams about. Our adoption Coordinator wanted to know if we would like our profile shown to a new birthfamily. I had little information other than that it was a boy, due August 1st. I of course said YES! But I figured that the chances were pretty good that we wouldn't be chosen. She was showing the family 5 profiles (or 5 families).

I got a call later that evening while Tony and I were outside doing yard work. I answered the call expecting to hear bad news but that is not what happened. The Coordinator told me they looked at all of the profiles and they picked us!! They didn't even need time to think about it. They were sure that we were the family.

What exactly does that mean? It means that we are expecting to become parents to a baby boy due August 1st. It means we are excited, working hard to get ready and busting our patooties to raise a large amount of money in just two months time.

So...we are applying to Lifesong Both Hands, various grants and adoption loans, and working on some FUNdraising ideas. We had fun with our last Ipad giveaway so we are doing another one!

This time there is a twist!
  • For any piece of jewelry purchased you will receive 1 entry.
  • Each purchase of 4 or more bags of coffee from Fresh Cup of Hope will get you 1 entry.
  • Each donation of $15 will get you one entry.
  • Each donation of $30 will get you 3 entries.
  • Each donation of $50 with get you 6 entries.
  • For anyone that has donated, each friend that you refer to the FUNdraiser with get an extra entry and you will get 1 extra entry as well. Simply comment to let me know if you were referred and by whom, or if you purchased jewelry or coffee.

The not so fine print disclaimer: In order for this FUNdraiser to happen we must raise at least $550 for it to be ON! If we do not we'll refund everyone and there will be no giveaway. We will announce when we hit that point and once we do the giveaway will end 7 days later. This is NOT a r-a-f-f-l-e, please do not mention that it is. This IS helping to bring a child into his forever family!

To make a donation, please click the donate button located at the top of right side bar ------>

The winner will be selected through a drawing and posted to the blog. This giveaway is on through June 25th.


  1. Congratulations! Oh, the excitement you must have to know you'll have a baby in a couple of months. =-) A mutual friend of ours posted your link on facebook. We're going to be starting our adoption journey sometime soon. I'd love to speak with you about the agency you chose (I'm in the Tampa area too) if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!

    1. Carmen,I sent you an e-mail. I'd love to chat! Congrats on your journey! I do have some contacts to share.-Sarah

  2. Good luck, I am here on behalf of my sister, Elizabeth Sobkowiak