Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just a bit busy

People have been so sweet and encouraging in regards to our fundraising and our adoption in general! I wish I had more updates for you all! I have been in over my head as usual with back to school. I am working on getting all of the auction winners their items and trying to figure out how much more we need to get to our goal for our first agency fee : $3500.
As soon as I have some time I will be working more on our paper work and setting up the next fundraiser. My lovely sister has made some amazing jewelry for us to sell and it should all be up soon!
I will give a better update soon!
Thanks so much for all of your support and care!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Jennifer Chase! You are our winner. I will contact you later today with details on how to claim your prizes! 

Thanks to everyone who donated and helped to spread the word!

- Sarah

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thank you and all of the winners!

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in our auction and giveaway! We could not have done this without the many wonderful donations and our awesome friends who bid and helped to spread the word.

Below is a list of all of the auction items and the winning bidder. If you would like to make a check payment please comment and let me know so I can get you our address. Otherwise you can just click on the donate Paypal button and donate the winning bid. For custom items I will be e-mailing you with details and contact information to help you get your item(s).

Uganda Necklace- Kristin Lemus. Winning bid: $10.
Dinner Done $25 gift certificate- Amber Gonzales. Winning bid: $15
Where You Live Tee- Adoption Mission: Possible. Winning bid $21
King Sheet Set- Darbi. Winning bid: $40
Queen Sheet Set- Elizabeth Sobkowiak. Winning bid $30
Ethiopian Cross Pendent- Jessica Ann. Winning bid $6
Fish Purse- Tara. Winning bid $15
Caiti Belle Dress- Tera Tichy. Winning bid $100
Two Dozen Cupcakes by Amber- Dawn G. Winning bid:$18
Darcy's Botanicals- Kiersten. Winning bid $35
Daisy Girls Doll- Tracy Hanson. Winning bid $25
Chartrouse Hair Flower- Cydnee. Winning bid $5
Red Fabric Flower - Cydnee. Winning bid $4
Pink Hairflower- Kristin Lemus. Winning bid $4
Flower with feather- Jenn Wright. Winning bid $10
"M" pony-0- Cydnee. Winning bid $2
"E" pony-o- Cydnee. Winning bid $1
"L" pony-o- Franny Tough. Winning bid $1
"K" Pony-o- Kiersten. Winning bid $2
"E" Pony-o Adoption Mission: Possible. Winning bid $5
"M" Pony-o- Cydnee. Winning bid $1
African Safari- Jen chase. Winning bid $25
Snowman Pillowcase Dress- Krisin VdB. Winning bid $10
All Tangled Up- RB. Winning bid $10
All Tangled Up Jewelry-Jessica Ann. Winning bid $8
Cherry Blossom Hat- Stacy. Winning bid $10
Cherry Blossom Hat- Lisa. Winning bid $8
Purple Flower Earings- Deborah. Winning bid $7
Ethiopian Art by Canvas Heart- Toni Lee. Winning bid $50
Bieber Necklace- Raquel Blair. Winning bid $4
Mickey Mouse Necklace- Cydnee. Winning bid $4
Red Thread Bracelet- Tera Cox. Winning bid $5
House Rules- Christy. Winning bid $125
Two Prince Bakery Cookies. Franny. Winning bid $8
Mommy's The Lucky One- Adoption Mission: Impossible. Winning bid $30
Dark Cycle Octopus Tee- Jonathan. Winning bid $50
Dark Cycle Dino Tee. Sherry. Winning bid $20
Meeting Momma Print. Adoption Mission: Possible. Winning bid $10
Plush Owl. Amber Gonzales. Winning bid $20
Adoption is the new Pregnant Tee.. Tera Cox. Winning bid $10
Adoption is the new Pregnant. Jen Chase. Winning bid $10
Jars of Pie. Franny. Winning bid $12

Update: If there is a line through your name that means I have record of your donation. I am shipping items out today for those of you who bid on items in my possession. I have also contacted the donors for winning bids that are being shipped from donors. If you have any questions about your items, or making a donation please e-mail me at sarahviera@yahoo.com and I will do my best to get back with you within a day. Thank you!-Sarah