I am so lucky to be surrounded by talented and giving loved ones. My little sister Rachel has made wonderful, one of a kind jewelry pieces for our adoption fundraising. Each piece was hand fashioned with attention to detail.

You can see all of Rachel's designs by visiting her Etsy shop: Rachel  Grace Designs

All items are priced to include shipping to make it easier. If you are local and would like to pick up (or have me drop off) the pieces just let me know. To request a piece, simply comment with the item #, quantity and e-mail address and I will contact you for shipping and payment information.

All donations made for these pieces of lovely jewelry help us to pay our adoption fee's. We are about $1000 away from our goal and we need to reach that goal by the 19th of October. Would you help spread the word?

Thank you so much!

Item # 7- 18 inch silver ball chain with jade aventurine and antiqued brass Chinese coin
$16 ( 5 pieces available)

 Item # 5- 24 inch silver plated ball chain with blue and white porcelain bead, three cobalt blue Czech glass  beads and an antiqued brass Chinese coin.
$20 (9 pieces available)

 Item # 8- 18 inch silver plated chain with antiqued brass Chinese coins and clear Czech glass beads.
$15 ( 10 available)

Item # 4- 18 inch silver plated ball chain with blue and white porcelain beads.
$18 (10 available)

Item # 9- Necklace: 18in silver-plated ball chain with artisan fused glass bead, antiqued silver-plated pewter bead and dyed turquoise chip.
$16.00 (8 available)

Item # 16- Earings: Sterling silver-filled ear hooks with artisan fused glass beads, antiqued silver-plated pewter beads and dyed turquoise chips
$14 (8 available pairs)

Item # 14- Sterling Silver-filled ear hooks with lampworked glass beads (colors vary), copper saucers and cobalt blue Czech glass.
$14.00 (10 available)

Item # 17- Earings: Sterling silver filled ear hooks with turquoise nuggets, purple aventurine, and antiqued brass Chinese coins.
$14 (8 available)

Item # 15- Sterling silver filled ear hooks with porcelain blue and white Chinese beads with silver spacers.

Item # 18- Sterling silver filled ear hooks with porcelain beads with gold-plated spacers.

Item # 6- 18 inch silver plated chain with a turquoise nugget, purple aventurine and an antiqued brass Chinese coin.
$16 (5 available)


  1. I'll have one of 9 and 16, the matching red earrings and necklace. Also a number 8. Just send me a paypal request, if that works. Thanks!

  2. I would like item #15 (earrings) and item #5 (necklace) I will send whatever you need.....
    I am your Mom's old friend from Rochester, who took your Mom and sister to NYC recently!
    I love your family!

    Beth Cretaro

    1. Beth, Thank you so much for your support! Your total is $32 and you can use the "donate" button on the top right side bar. As soon as I get your address through Paypal I will send those out.
      Thanks again so much!

  3. I would like to order one of #6 and one of #17. I would like these gift-wrapped to send to someone in Durham, NC. My husband has a paypal account that I can use to pay you. My email is .


  4. Just shared a link to this page on my blog post today about adoption fundraising -

    Hope it helps a little!