Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adoption Quilt

We have done everything we can from our end to find our son. Homestudy, check. Profile, check. Networking, check. Stash of diapers and formula, check.

I am two days away from finishing finals. I have 6 weeks until the kids are home for the summer. I am feeling the need to occupy my anxious heart with a project that will help me feel connected to our future son and will also help us to raise some additional funds (need all of these projects we can think of! Drops in the bucket!).

So, I thought what better way to keep me busy than making a community quilt for our little man. This is a project that will allow friends, family, and the adoption community to love on our baby boy and also keep my hands busy! Win, win!

stacks of Max and Whiskers
Photo Credit: The Knottygnome Knits

What is an adoption quilt?
It is a quilt that is put together one piece (donation) at a time. It is a twist on the "adoption puzzle" that you may have seen. Each square will help us get a little bit closer to our goal of raising $15,000.

Here is how this is going to work:
Each donation of $10 will provide a square for the quilt which will be sewn together by me- mommy in waiting!

You may choose to:
1. Donate $10 per square via the "donate" button on the top right side bar of our blog, or mail a check with your square, and provide a 5 1/2 X 5 1/2 square of any pre-washed, 100 % cotton fabric of your choice. Upcycled fabric (old tee, blanket, ect...), scraps, or quilt squares are great choices. Feel free to embroider, decorate, or initial somewhere in the center of the square (make sure it is a permanent addition that will not wash away!). Mail your fabric to 15905 Countrybrook St. Tampa, Fl. 33624.


2. Donate $10 and just comment letting me know you want me to choose from my stash of fabrics (or you are welcome to let me know a color, theme, or style of fabric that you would like me to use).

***For both options, we would love for you to write a note and attach a small piece of the fabric you chose (so that we can match your square to your note) for us to put into a scrap book for our little man.

Feel free to share this blog post so we get enough squares to complete our quilt!
I will be posting pictures as the quilt begins and keeping you updated on the process.

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