Monday, June 11, 2012

The wait and the work

These past few weeks have seemed like such a blur. Here I was afraid I would have too much time on my hands (who was I kidding!). Summer is officially here and our waiting time is full. Full of fundraising, applying for grants, visits with the birthfamily (they live an hour and a half away), and preparations for baby Jonathan.

Many people have asked how we've managed to fundraise so far and because it seems we are always working on a fundraiser I'm sure people imagine that we have raised huge amounts. The truth is, in total we have raised less than $5000. That it with garage sales, online auctions, i-pad giveaways, jewelry sales, coffee sales, Thirty-One fundraisers and more. $5000 is a huge amount- nothing to sneeze at for sure! But it is a small chunk of $26,000 (the total cost of our adoption).

Adoption is expensive. I can honestly say though that I have seen God glorified more through folks walking along this journey and He's provided "just enough in just enough time" (source unknown). We have seen this in our own adoption journey. We have raised just enough or received just enough over our budget to make every single payment on time so far. I am not going to lie and say that I'm not nervous or stressed out about the huge chunk due at the birth of our son, but I know that our God is bigger.

 We could not do this alone, and so we are humbly thankful for those of you with big hearts and open minds who have given so selflessly. We thank you and ask for your prayers. Prayers for a healthy baby. Prayers for our birthfamily as they walk through this terribly difficult time. Prayers for our fundraising efforts. Thank you so much for supporting our family through this process!

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