Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An African Safari from Kenya donated by The Sparrow Fund

An African Safari from Kenya 
Donated by The Sparrow Fund 
Store: www.thesparrowfund.etsy.com

Lovingly created by refugee women currently living in Kenya, women broken from war and HIV, caring for orphans in their community, but made whole together. This set of animals--an elephant, giraffe, rhino, and zebra--were donated by The Sparrow Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to providing support to families adopting internationally specifically through grants to be used for preadoptive medical reviews and counsel, in-country support, and postadoption support. They sell beautiful handcrafted jewelry and dolls on Etsy, pieces made by adoptive mothers in Kenya. It's a full circle approach in adoption support and orphan care--they desire to give their friend Mary (biological mother of 9 and adoptive mother of 7) an income so she can care for her family and the women she works with who make the beads while also raising money for The Sparrow Fund.

Want to know more about The Sparrow Fund or how to apply for an adoption grant? 
Visit http://www.sparrow-fund.org

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