Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thirty One Fundraiser!

I was so happy when my mom contacted me and asked if I would be interested in her friend Vickie doing a Thirty One Fundraiser for us. What a sweet heart to offer! I am just discovering Thirty One and I sort of love every bit of it.

The "party" will go for a week and all profits will go towards our adoption fund. There is a range of prices from $5.00 on up  so there is something in everyone's price range. If you want to order with a buddy to save on shipping you are welcome to do so. Otherwise, shipping will be added to your order total.

Here is a link to the online party: Road To China Adoption Fundraiser with Thirty One

Here are some items I am drooling over:




Even if you can't shop, I would love it if you would pass this link along so that the party can be a success! Thanks so much for your support! -Sarah


  1. Is your party still open?? My friend hosted one of these fundraisers for us for our adoption a few months ago. LOVE their stuff!!

  2. I'm not sure if she officially closed it yet but it might be. You can always try! Otherwise, I know that we will be doing another one closer to Christmas. I will keep you posted:-) I love it too, I only reciently discovered it. Probably for the best!

  3. Yeah, I made a lot, but I think I spent a bit too :@) We had ours a couple months before Christmas and it was great for gifts!!

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