Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two more weeks!

Well, in just two short weeks we send in our application and our journey officially begins. I have filled out all of the forms, filled out passport applications and I'm busy getting garage sale donations priced and ready for the sale on the 9th. Our hope is to get a good part of the first big fee covered between our garage sale, a Thirty-One Fundraiser and a raffle (more on those later) that will be in August.

I am starting to feel a bit like a mom in the "nesting" stage, which is strange. You know, the feeling of getting the house clean (well...wishing it were clean anyway;-)), getting less sleep and somehow still functioning. I am having a hard time shutting off my brain at night because I'm so excited about this adoption and to meet my son! I keep wondering if he is being cared for by a sweetheart nanny, foster mom, if he is getting the sweet hugs that I wish I could be giving him. I can't wait to show him the love of a mother.

I have been very sweetly touched by the kindness of friends and strangers alike who have donated items for our sale (and my mom's garage sale), offering commissions from Thirty-One, donating items and services for our raffle (this is going to be awesome!). It has been wonderful to see such kindness and it inspires me in every way. Our family is growing by more than one, it is growing by a "village" and we thank you all for your love and support!


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