Monday, June 20, 2011

We are taking a journey to China

I am thrilled to announce that we will be "expecting" a baby/toddler boy from China sometime in the next year- year and a half. We are submitting our application to our agency (CCAI) in mid July and will be getting the ball quickly rolling for a homestudy and dossier.
We decided on China for many reasons. Both my husband and I have always talked about adopting from China. When we began adding to our family through adoption China wasn't a possibility because of my age (being under 30). We had started looking into the process to adopt through foster care and also looked at several other country programs. While we were debating what to do several things happened:

  1. My heart was really being pulled to go on a journey for our son. 
  2. Our friends J&E started talking about their upcoming adoption from China and we were really excited for them. 
  3. I just happened to find out that a friend of mine was about to become the co-director of an agency that we had not looked at before.
  4. We looked at the agency and found out about the tremendous need there is for parents to adopt boys with minor and correctable special needs from China.
I have battled with the question of what was meant to be for our family and studied a lot about all sorts of adoption. My friend E said to me "if this were your last adoption, what would you regret not doing?". Truthfully, I've always wanted to adopt from China. Truthfully, if I didn't, like E said, I know I would one day regret it or wonder if I had missed out on something. 

So here we go! I hope that you will partner with us in prayer and spread the word about our fundraising efforts. If is very costly to adopt but we have seen God make a way when it seemed impossible in many families lives. I know that He funds what He favors. We are trusting in this.
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  1. Wow, how exciting!!! I'm so happy for you guys and I have known for a while that you guys weren't "done". I could sense it from our conversations and I know your heart was to have another. I can't wait to hear how all of it goes. We will be praying for everything to work smoothly. Keep the post's coming : ) BTW, I love the name, font style and look of this blog. Great job. Miss you!